Music Industry

Mr. Long has experience with a wide range of music industry issues and has worked on projects for clients with Grammy Award winning musicians.  Mr. Long has extensive experience with music production tools, is experienced in game modification including music and sound samples, and is comfortable working directly with music production tools and technologies in production environments. Some of Mr. Long’s prior experience in music industry matters include the following:

  • Music Industry Contracts – Production, Bands, DJs, Studios, Management,
    Sync & Master License Agreements, Assignment Agreements
  • Litigation and Transactions re: Royalty Disputes, Ownership, Clearances and Chain of Title Analysis
  • Copyright Infringement Assertion and Defense
  • Trademark Infringement Assertion and Defense
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes re: Copyright Infringement and Personal Injury claims
  • Live Performances – Recordings, Promotions, Performances, Talent Agreements, Contests
  • Visual Arts re: Live and Recorded Musical Performances
  • Studio Recordings; Production and related agreements re: copyright, credits, etc.
  • Issues re: Staging Equipment, Lighting and Truss Design
  • Vendor, Merchandising, and Sponsorship Issues
  • Legal Issues re: Large Scale Concert Promotion
  • Cease and Desist Letters; Responses to Cease and Desist Letters / Demands
  • Response to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)
  • Derivative Works, Orphaned Works, Public Domain
  • Unauthorized use of recordings in large retail chains
  • Investigation of unauthorized use of voice recordings in electronic music

Relevant Professional Associations

Mr. Long is a Panel Attorney with the California Lawyers for the Arts and Developer Member of the MIDI Manufacturers Association.