Labor & Employment

We represent and counsel client to protect their rights and interests, and hold them acocuntable. We litigate high stakes cases and negotiate settlements. Our experience with employees and employers is to our clients’ advantage.

Do you have a claim to hold someone accountable?

Our experience includes:

  • Representation of client employee against employer resulting in $470,000 judgment in client’s favor including punitive damages.
  • Representation of client employee for unpaid sales commissions resolved in client’s favor.
  • Representation of client employee for back tax liability resolved in client’s favor.
  • Representation of client employer against employee claiming over $250,000 for wrongful termination involving ADA and harassment allegations — settling the case in client’s favor and obtaining dismissal.
  • Representation of client employer against employee in wage disputes resulting in favorable outcome.
  • Advised employers concerning handling and administration as well as disgruntled employee termination cases which effectively avoided escalation to lawsuits for wrongful termination.
  • Negotiating and advising clients on regarding compensation and pre-litigation disputes in business, tech and entertainment industries.
  • Settled various wrongful termination suits without the need severance.
  • Settled executive co-owner disputes concerning business co-ownership disputes.
  • Handled various disputes re: extensive unpaid overtime, unpaid employment tax liability, unreimbursed business loans and expenses, meal and break violations, and PAGA claims.
  • Representation of former employee in post-employment dispute concerning allegations of theft of trade secrets.
  • Representation of client employee in tech dispute concerning ownership of intellectual property and invention rights.
  • Handled labor class action disputes for clients.
  • Trials and appeals.
  • Post-judgment attorneys’ fees and enforcement.