Gaming, Esports, Streaming, XR


Represented designer and manufacturer in an international dispute with federal litigation involving Transformers products.


Represented game developer in intellectual property case involving branded location-specific virtual items (prior to Nintendo / Pokémon GO).  Applied legal and technical knowledge of software programming to advocate technical and business issues for client.


Advised on intellectual property strategy to content creators and designers concerning trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and legal aspects that inform business decisions and strategy.


Provided timely and effective advice on sensitive deals; drafted and revised subsequent contracts re: same; and represented clients to interface with attorneys, executives, publishers and owners to manage key IP rights.


Advised attorneys and negotiated IP licensing deals across a wide range of licensing deals. Some examples include:

  • IP licensing agreements
  • IP assignments
  • trademark coexistence agreements
  • patent license agreements
  • master synch and license agreements
  • cooperative marketing agreements
  • cooperative development agreements
  • royalty agreements
  • writer’s agreements
  • film production agreements
  • settlement agreements to resolve IP infringement claims

Attorney Michael A. Long is the firm’s principal and managing attorney. Mr. Long has represented a wide range of clients in civil matters, both plaintiffs and defendants in trials and appeals. His clients have included attorneys, executives, business owners, real estate investors and developers, producers, tech companies, inventors, artists, insureds, and established multinationals with worldwide portfolios.