Expert Legal Representation in Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration for Film, Television, and Digital Media

We provide specialized legal services across the sectors of film, television, and digital media, with an emphasis on trial and appellate litigation, as well as mediation and arbitration. His practice, entrenched in both federal and state courts, serves a diverse client base, including production teams, financiers, technology providers, talent, crew members, and distribution networks.

Our expertise encompasses successful representation of clients in matters dealing with leading entertainment firms, ranging from streaming media companies such as Netflix, Paramount, Sony, as well as talent agencies such as WME, CAA, etc. on complex issues such as intellectual property acquisitions, chain of title disputes, royalty disputes, and licensing and infringement disputes.

Beyond traditional transactions and litigation, Attorney Long’s proficiency includes mediation and arbitration proceedings, providing clients with versatile, effective strategies for conflict resolution. Attorney Long has also handled IP issues involving insurance matters.

We have worked with clients in matters representing or involving the following:

Attorney Long has handled cases involving intellectual property strategies for copyrights, trademarks, and patents worldwide. His experience includes work with multilingual and multinational production, and post-production legal challenges, and advisement on sequel/prequel development in these contexts.W

We remain committed to excellence in serving clients and regularly work with their CEOs and executives, in-house counsel, and along with other litigation counsel. Our firm can serve as your team’s augmentation counsel as additional outside litigators, and/or outside IP or general counsel in very select cases. We are often chosen as lead trial or appellate counsel due to our breadth of experience and established track record.

Mr. Long and our team blend comprehensive entertainment industry knowledge with extensive expertise in litigation, mediation, and arbitration, offering a holistic approach to legal representation for your film, television, or digital media project. With a commitment to excellence and years of hands-on experience, our firm is well-positioned to guide clients through the complex terrain of entertainment law, whether in court, mediation, or arbitration settings.