Is Filing a Civil Restraining Order Right For You

We have helped clients win in court in highly contested civil harassment restraining order cases, including overlap cases involving commercial lawsuits spanning years. We are experienced handling complex civil cases that involve wrongs committed by a close business partners and even family or quasi-family members, and take pride in being able to help clients protect their families and children against potential harm.

Ask us how we’ve helped clients prevail in family law and restraining order cases involving entrenched opposition.

Here are a few highlights of how we’ve helped clients:

  • Filing civil tort claims against other side involving six figure damages;
  • Filing RO for harassment, threats, violence, and other bad behavior;
  • Applying accounting knowledge and leverage to show changed circumstances affecting spousal support and child support;
  • Winning more favorable or outright custody;
  • Winning reimbursements to client spouse for unpaid costs, back taxes, and other expenses;
  • Winning stipulated settlements in favor of our client;
  • Litigated legacy wealth family trust property and issues of splintered ownership;
  • Vetted and prepared cases for clients to shed light on opposing party bad conduct resulting in tangible results in client’s favor;
  • Achieving court-backed force of law in favor of client; and
  • Winning significant property interests (including entire house) in favor of our client in stipulated judgment.

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