Litigation & Accountability – Holding Wrongdoers Responsible and Protecting You

If things are going sideways and you’re seeking to protect your rights and/or hold a wrongdoer responsible, we have helped clients win relief. We are dedicated to helping you succeed. We’ve prevailed in difficult, complex business litigations for clients. Ask how we can help you protect and pursue your interests.

We often help clients resolve disputes in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and in both federal and state courts as well as a wide range of administrative agencies. Our success is a direct result of that commitment to excellence, holding the wrongdoer accountable, and advocating our clients’ interests to prevent injustice.

  • Represented business client in a $50 million underpayment of royalties resolved in client’s favor.
  • Represented business executive in claim against individuals involving a $25 million dollar asset resolved in client’s favor.
  • Prevailed and upheld on appeal attorneys’ fees totaling $1.7 million in client’s favor.
  • Represented executives and attorneys in complex business disputes.
  • Represented clients in disputes over high-value legacy family assets.
  • Represented client executives and businesses in commercial property disputes.
  • Represented business clients in tech, entertainment and IP disputes.
  • Won a six-figure case in favor of a business stakeholder against the company in a partnership dispute.
  • Secured favorable settlements for clients in a wide range of business disputes.
  • Obtained outright dismissal for business executives when named personally named in lawsuits.
  • Settled disputes in favor of client against former business partner involving key business assets.

We’ve prevailed in difficult, complex business litigations.