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We serve clients in litigation including trial, post-judgment, writs and appeals, as well as mediation and arbitration. We are often called upon as replacement counsel to aid clients in dire circumstances and have helped clients when their cases have gone sideways. We have handled disputes adverse to, or representing companies such as:

Managing Attorney Michael A. Long has represented a wide range of clients in civil litigation. His clients have included attorneys, executives, business owners, real estate investors and developers, producers, tech companies, inventors, artists, insureds, and established multinationals with worldwide portfolios. [more…]


Detailed testimonial from one of our clients:


Very simply put, I met attorney Michael Long at one of the worst times in my life.

I had been the lead producer for a feature film where someone had filed a frivolous lawsuit against our production company, the movie, and also my 3 partners and I as individuals. This was a nightmare borne out of maliciousness and pure evil that had lasted close to 5 years and several iterations of attorneys and permutations of the lawsuit that the plaintiff had gone through. The lawyer who was initially defending us kept thinking this woman would end up going away because her accusations were all completely false and absolutely baseless. Cut to the chase: she did NOT go away and eventually we needed someone who could quickly step into the arena with a different level of competence, compassion, aggressiveness, and formidability that we had been missing.

Don’t get me wrong – the other guy is an amazing attorney in his own right but he has a particular set of skills. It was a little like a professional soccer player trying to hold his own in the NBA and having to learn to play by all sorts of different rules. We had our Pelé, but who we really needed to come on board was Kobe Bryant. Michael Long became our Kobe Bryant, and when he suited up late in the fourth quarter he absolutely decimated the other side.

The lawsuit should have never gotten to the point it did and should have been dismissed in arbitration long ago. At the plaintiff’s insistence, we ended up going all the way to a jury trial. This is where Michael Long took over on defense and completely shut down the other side. Then he fired back with our collective countersuit with time running out in an extraordinary team effort alongside our Pelé and another teammate to vanquish the evil dragon once and for all!

I would like to add that it was a unanimous 12-0 victory on all counts, both with the defense of the lawsuit and on the offense with our countersuit.

We will always be incredibly grateful to Michael Long and his incredible trial paralegal Mario Vargas for their peerless professionalism, formidableness, compassion, understanding, brilliance, kindness, and caring in an arena where possessing all of these traits together can sometimes be lacking or an impedance.

I know that God led my partners and I to Michael Long. If you believe in a higher power, then you can be confident when you put all of YOUR faith and trust in Michael Long… He WILL protect you.

Robert B.

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