Entertainment Law

The nexus of intellectual property and business law embodies what is referred to as “entertainment law.” It requires deep industry-specific knowledge and hands-on experience in the arts. 

Mr. Long is well-connected in the entertainment industry with a broad and deep reach into executives and talent at major agencies, production houses, creative agencies, and law firms. Mr. Long served clients in highly contested matters, including a Transformers-related legal dispute.

Mr. Long is experienced advising and representing creatives and executives in film, music, art, gaming, online content, and more.  Mr. Long served as a panel attorney with CA Lawyers for the Arts for many years, including time prior to that as a law clerk and intake specialist on hundreds of entertainment-related cases. 

Mr. Long previously lectured at University of Southern California (USC) on intellectual property law.

Mr. Long is able to handle complex client cases with an ability to advance a case more effectively toward the client’s goal through his combined skills and experience.

Motion Picture Industry – 
Royalty Disputes

Mr. Long represented a client in the motion picture industry in disputes involving up to $50,000,000 in under-reported royalties.  Mr. Long has represented clients in numerous intellectual property disputes relating to entertainment properties.

Labor & Employment 

Mr. Long has advised and represented clients before the Labor Commissioner and in court, including successful appeal from the Labor Commissioner to achieve favorable outcomes. Mr. Long is familiar with guild agreements.


Mr. Long has closed successful financing on film production deals with producers and financiers, applying specialized knowledge in accounting and finance to assist clients.

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