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Point of Sales (POS) Systems Integration
This module allows integration to a POS to facilitate information exchange from other data sources, into the POS to enhance retail management capabilities. This helps companies extend beyond the usual "island of information" that characterizes most POS's: cutting down on inefficient and error-prone manual operations, such as data entry, phone and repeat data entry, fax and email.

Sales Force
Provides a web-based interface for your sales force. Enhances one-to-one communications with customers and prospects with global business policy automation, enabling increased up- and cross-sell opportunity.

Service Management
Empowers your enterprise with the ability to measure standard KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from different dimensions, including customer, product or service, manager, and line to evaluate on a variety of calculations, such as rank, percentage and projected amount.

Restaurant Management Systems (RMS) Integration
This module allows integration to an RMS to facilitate information exchange from other data sources, into the RMS. Designed to improve tracking imformation to the physical restaurant location for organizations comprising multiple restaurants dealing with a common network of vendors.

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