Contracts are founded on an exchange of value to both sides.  Well written contracts are crafted to clearly state the rights and duties of the parties.  In preparing a contract, it is important to focus on your goals at a detailed level. When revising a contract, the same applies.

Regarding contracts, Mr. Long is experienced with the following: Contract Enforcement – Breach of Contract, Tortious / Willful Breach of Contract; Quantum Meruit / Quantum Valebant for Unjust Enrichment; and Related Torts.

To give a rough outline of the type of contract experience Mr. Long has, here are some types of agreements Mr. Long has drafted, revised, and/or litigated on:

Music Synchronization License Agreements for Motion Pictures

IP Licensing – Marketing Agreements, Royalty Agreements

Contractor Agreements – Work Made for Hire Agreements, Shop Rights for Inventions

Employment Agreements

Assignment of Interest – Trademark, Copyright, Patent, etc.; Assignments of portfolios pursuant to court orders;

Settlement & Release Agreements

Patent – Licensing Agreements, Release, FRAND, Notices

Guilds Agreements – DGA, WGA, PGA

Trademark Coexistence Agreements

Construction Agreements – AIA 102 and 201 Forms – GCs and Fees, 
Subcontractor Agreements, Purchase Orders.

International Distribution Agreements – Territories, Scope, Limitations, Time.

Finance – Film Financing Agreements, Financing Structures, Escrows, Letters of Credit.

Motion Picture Production Agreements – Mr. Long has worked on hundreds of motion picture deals and agreements.

Operating Agreements – these relate to corporate law and administration of business entities.

Angel Investment Agreements, Venture Capital Investment Agreements, Letters of Intent

Talent Management Agreements, Talent Attachment Agreements, Talent Agencies

Social Influencer Agreements

Product Marketing Agreements

Director’s Agreements – BA, MBA; Principal / UPM and Second Unit Director Agreements

Writer’s Agreements – BA, MBA; Above and below-the-line projects; scripted and semi-scripted; collaborations; disputes

Guaranty Agreements, and related Bonds and Insurance Claims

Technology Transactions – Open Source Agreements, Creative Commons Agreements, Software License Agreements, SaaS Agreements

Buy-Sell Agreements for Startups

Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements – Mr. Long has extensive experience with IP licensing.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and more broadly: Non-compete, Non-Circumvention, Non-Disparagement and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Attorney-Client Fee Agreements – Mr. Long has extensive experience with attorney fee disputes including attorney collection actions.


Contract Review and Consultation

Contract Drafting and Revision

Analysis of contracts in the context of actual or prospective litigation

Investigate Under-Reported Royalties


Accounting Irregularities

Due Diligence / IP Clearances / Chain of Title Analysis

Deal Memos, Negotiation

Attorney Billing Analysis

Fee Collections and Enforcement

Asset Tracing and Attachment

Financial Transaction Tracing

Asset / IP Valuation – Analysis